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For some this will be like pulling a scab off! Sorry!

I’m trying to faithfully reproduce an air cleaner for our ‘72 #2781 April build date Pre-L. What I know from all the reading:

1. Mercury 4V base with auxiliary (vacuum actuated) air intake no decals

2. Base is installed in the original location on the top of 4300D Spread bore 715 cfm carburetor (stock location is maintained to align the clearance indent for distributor and wires).

3. The stock Air Horn (which has a rolled flare on the opening) location is “covered” by a flat sheet metal piece riveted inside the air cleaner

4. The air horn is relocated to the 8 o’clock position and reinstalled. What does this opening look like? Just flat cut into the housing or does it have the same shape as the stock with BA82268C-578B-42C1-ACC9-EAD1DE25792F58CCC2A7-CCCE-49AA-B7F2-FF0B9713CAECedges flared? How is the air horn attached to the base (ie: rivets, sheet metal screws or riv-nuts)?

5. Is the crank case breather just a tube (plastic twist lock) fitting or does it have the plastic “bucket” (retained by spring “U” clip) and the fiber insert inside the lower housing? What is it’s location on the housing?

6. The retaining clamp for the routing of vacuum lines. Open on one side or welded horseshoe on both sides?

7. Chrome cover no decals

8. is the “flap” actuator at the end of the air horn painted or silver CAD finished?

9. Inside finish is black outside finish is dark blue Ford

I have found bits and pieces of this information scattered throughout Pantera documents but would like to do this once. Thanks


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  • BD6882D4-B995-402C-9F16-7B3C0284D864
  • BA82268C-578B-42C1-ACC9-EAD1DE25792F
  • 58CCC2A7-CCCE-49AA-B7F2-FF0B9713CAEC
  • E647CE00-ACC8-4F4B-9C62-ED83D678612D
  • 446E1693-FB8D-4883-8FFC-B0D334A4AA4E
  • 916CF492-10D2-493F-AD66-D6299D6B5EDE
  • DFDFAF06-69AC-4F66-BCE9-B58D302FF946
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Below are photos of mine, the air horn was attached with nuts and bolts, everything else looks like rivets, the top originally was Chrome however I painted it due to rust. I run an aftermarket chrome air cleaner so this one is stored in my garage. I don’t know if the inside was black or blue? Good luck!


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  • 9FA9C49F-CFC4-40A2-8F2A-F1AF51EA97E3
  • 3D6ECB82-C79C-454C-8F36-3924BDF5783E
  • AB486C66-884C-4915-9F3A-FB0241276E46
  • 5E040988-67F0-40F0-A967-B11382CDD374
  • EB4714EE-B48B-4B17-A37D-27F7C9DA7C25
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