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I installed an MEWagner dual flow PCV valve:
They recommended running an air/oil separator such as the Moroso 85474:

I mounted the separator next to the voltage regulator. After only 300 miles, I was surprised that I got maybe 2 tablespoons of oil out of it. That's oil that would have been sucked into the intake manifold. I'm running Ansen valve covers.

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  • 2021-08-16 23.24.46
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I'm always amused when there is a "discovery" like this?

Where you been?

In any case, at least you have progressed.

It doesn't seal out oil 100%. I think that is good. You just don't want oil fouling your plugs and you don't want to siphon your oil pan dry through the PCV system which actually is possible.

I was taught, rightly or wrongly, that the oil sucked into the engine was good and necessary to lubricate the upper valve stems.

With the original cast in valve guides that is probably a fact but with the current "bronze" press in guides like used on many of the aluminum aftermarket heads I don't think that is necessary any more?

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Thanks for letting us know. I have been considering getting the ME Wagner PCV valve and also an oil separator, so it is good to know that it actually does work.  Did you notice any difference on how the engine runs with the ME Wagner PCV valve, and was it as easy to install and adjust as they say in the instructions?

Cheers, Tim.

Hey Tim,
I installed the PCV at its default settings per the manual, ran it for awhile then calibrated it with a vacuum gauge. Cruise circuit went from 10 turns out to 3 turns out or so but I noticed no difference in how the car ran or idled. It was easy to adjust but a bit fiddly since you have to hold it in place in the valve cover with one hand as you adjust with the other (while watching the gauge) on a hot engine.

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