Anybody out there has suggestions to what could be going on with my charging system. The battery wasn't charging so I changed the alternator (it was already an aftermarket 100 amp)and voltage regulator and the voltage momentarily went up to 15v although the ammmeter didnt show charge . Shortly
thereafter the gen light lit up and voltage doesn't increase over 12v, any advice will be appreciated!
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Not sure how you have approached this, so let's cover it from the start.

What voltage was the battery showing, car not running?

What voltage was showing at the battery with the car running?

The ammeter is just about worthless for troubleshooting much of anything.

Gen light still on?

Voltage not over 12 volts at the battery with the car running means you are getting no charge from the alternator. Should be in the range of 13.5 to 14.5 volts.

The voltage is 12.3 at the battery with the car not running ,and at 2000 rpm the voltage not getting up much . The gen light is on. The system wasn't charging and the gen light wasn't on before.Now it came on and stays lit. I get 12.1 volts to the positive battery post so I don,t know what's going on.
They did check the alternator prior to me buying it and it was good but not the voltage regulator. Ill take them to the store to have them checked again. By the way there is a blue and a orange wire which were connected to two wires that go into a plug on top of alternator. Does it matter the position of the wires to the plug?
Help! I took the alternator to have it checked again and its fine. I hooked it up again and as soon as I start the car get the gen light . I hooked up the new and old voltage regulator and nothing. I get 12.3 with car off when I turn off the car it drops down to 12.0 and ammeter needle doesnt move. I checked the gen light and connections and resistor look fine. The ammeter is aftermarket hall pantera . Can this be damaged and not send current to alternator? I want to try to fix this myself rather than explain the pantera's electrical system to some mechanic who probably has never seen one of this cars!
The ammeter is aftermarket hall pantera . Can this be damaged and not send current to alternator

Yes, it's possible. Try connecting a heavy jumper wire across the two ammeter terminals or just disconnect them from the ammeter and bolt them together.

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