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Hade an issue today...

After a jumpstart I forgott to disconect  the cables and drove away 50-100 yards. I stoped the car when I heard the rattle behind the car and disconected them. Then when I drove a test run the ammeter was showing max load, is this normal? What would be the result if the positive and negative jumpstart cables made contact?


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Ignoring the ammeter for a moment, lets first assess the condition of the battery, the alternator, and the voltage regulator:

What's the voltage across the battery terminals with the engine off?
What's the voltage across the battery terminals with the engine at idle?
What's the voltage across the battery terminals with the engine at 4000 rpm?

Now please explain is the ammeter reading full scale left, or full scale right? Max discharge (left), or max charge (right)?

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Thank you for your quick reply.

First: The battery is placed behind driver side, lhd, with a Anderson quick jack plug fitted at the tail, if anyone wonder...


The needle was pointing to the right + at idle the reading was mutch lower and when I check the voltage at the battery after the drive it was 12,9V.

To be continued



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