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I just bought this 74 Pantera mostly original, been sitting for a long time ! So I had to replace the carb to get it to run & idol, now I notice that the amp gauge goes left to right every 2 or 3 seconds with the dome light going bright and them dim.  I took the fire wall out to get a good look and notice that the previous owner has put a new alternator and voltage regulator in it as well as leaving his snap on small screwdriver and a jumper wire under the seat. My feeling is they gave up on trying to fix it.

Anyone ever experienced this problem before ? Where would you start ?

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The amp gauge in a Pantera is known for jumping around. You should check all of your grounds, but what many of us have done is to put a jumper wire across the amp gauge connections. That acts as a shunt and will help to keep the gauge from bouncing around so much. All of the power coming to and from the battery goes through that gauge and it isn't a good design and at best is not very accurate when it comes to telling you the actual amp draw on the system. That is one of the reasons why you will see a Pantera that has a volt meter gauge in place of the amp meter.

All of the factory Veglia ammeters that were installed in the Pantera had a design fault, it is only a matter of time until they fail. Failure can be odd operation to severe over-heating and permanent damage to the ammeter and cables.

Pantera Electronics rebuilds and restores the Veglia ammeter by replacing components and machining to resolve the issues.

Ground quality connections are not related to the problem.

Rewiring does not solve the problem, it just reroutes current and renders the ammeter useless.

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On the first day after I bought my car, my Amp meter was jumping like crazy - full scale on both sides.  It worried the heck out of me.

I was traveling - driving the car from Gardnerville, Nevada to Tucson, Arizona.

I solved that immediate problem by ensuring I had good connections at the battery, and at the ground between the battery and the chassis.

Check the simple stuff first, then go behind the dash on the Ampmeter connections.

Good grounds are critical on these cars, as everyone on this board will tell you.


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