C789C2D2-0A38-4A5F-9048-399B09BA532B In nearly 20 years of ownership I have never come across an exact duplicate of the Pantera ashtray. The one previously pictured in this thread is not the same as the one in 2511 - as shown in my photo.

 Can you or Simon provide more details on the link to a Fiat ashtray, such as the correct years?




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the only difference is the black grib, that was on a Pantera ashtray chrome.

for the same it's almost exactly the same also the insert whit the spring.


Hi Andreas, do you know if it fits?  What vehicle is the ashtray from?  I purchased a Fiat 140 ashtray on Ebay two months ago from Italy and still hasn't arrived.  I may still need one!


it fits in the Pantera. I bought it, because it was new. But the original ashtray I have in my Pantera has a thicker chrome border (see pics). So I decided to use the used original one. The cutout has the same size.


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originality of vehicle in or out the first thing to get out of the car is the ashtray and lighter ..smile!  ..(have storred them in a PLASTIC BAG for originality fetishists) BIIG  

The spot is by the way top class for some real acurate instruments like oil pressure and oil temp..working on it..and keeping the BAG..

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I just want to fill the hole!  I already have all the gauges I need (oil temp included).

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