All Georgia USA Area Pantera Owners and Enthusiasts.

Please Join a movement to form a Georgia Chapter of the Pantera Owners Club of America ie. POCA.

We need at least 15 members to form a Chapter and Members willing to become Officers of the Chapters to Plan Member Events including Social ,Motorsports ,Ride and Drive and Pantera Gatherings.

I am volunteering my time and efforts to get the  'Ball Rolling on this "



Atllanta Georgia USA

Pantera # 17912


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If there are not enough "members" for a Georgia chapter, you might expand out to adjacent states.

I recall an attempt years ago to start a chapter.

If you do a search for "southeast" you'll see several threads regarding this. This was proposed in 2002 or thereabouts. Haven't heard much about it recently.

The issue is that since joining POCA  Southeast Chapter in June I have seen no Activities planned or attended.Other Clubs I belong to at least have some monthly gathering of cars and members keeping the Club Spirit alive.

I wish to explore the official GA Chapter route and as suggested include neighboring states but at the very least I wish to organize gatherings of area deTomaso owners "Officially " or privately.

Please forward suggestions

I just think we should organize into  a group of area Pantera Owners meet periodically perhaps get our own section at C & O.etc.

I am jealous of the West Coast Pantera owners who enjoy events and gatherings and here in GA and the Southeast as far as I can tell there doesn't seem to be anything organized


Within the last year or so there was an effort to organize a NC chapter or group. Don't know if it ever got off the ground. I'm guilty of not having time to help out. Maybe GA, NC, SC and other neighboring states could join together and form a chapter? 3 ~ 4 hour drives to an event should be doable for many. I believe that the main problem is that it's a lot of work to organize and run anything. I takes a very devoted person to make it happen.


My back up plan is maybe to bypass all the red tape and applications etc. and just form an informal Pantera group. We can apply for parking spaces at Caffeine & Octane and meet when members can make it to the Perimeter Mall Atlanta GA .That would be a good way to start I think .

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