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Mark your calendars now for 26 - 29 September 2024 (I am including travel days) for our 3rd Annual event at Inde Motorsports Ranch!

Last year we had a great turnout from POCA Members all over the USA.

It was an awesome event, and this one will be even bigger and better!

  • Track day on the best track in Arizona
  • Hospitality events including a dinner (hosted by the track)
  • Wine Tasting
  • Drive to historic Tombstone, AZ
  • Super Awesome Fun

Plan to bring out your car for a full day of "on-track" time.  The weekend planning is coming together, and more information will be forthcoming on the event schedule.

You don't want to miss it.

Rocky (Chuck Huber) - AZ POCA Southern Region Vice-President

WWW AZPantera Prowl as of 2024-03-13 Color 5357


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  • WWW AZPantera Prowl as of 2024-03-13 Color 5357: (Minor alterations may have been made...)
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The hospitality room/home/detached garage for this event is at Jim and Jacki Fusco's home in Willcox as it has been at previous events. There will be drinks and snacks available and the full use of the garage and tools. This includes a two post and a four lift for anyone that wishes to work on their Pantera. There is plenty of parking available and we will be hosting on the 26th though the 28. The address is 1709 North Circle I Road Willcox Arizona.

Registration for the Track Event is now open, and pricing has been established.

You must use the "Track Rabbit" app to register with Inde Motorsports Ranch.  To do so, you must first establish a Track Rabbit account (free), and once that is done, you can register for the event, a lunch served at the track, and a big group dinner at the track after the driving event.

Link To -> Track Rabbit

Search on "Pantera" and the event will pop right up  (Note... disregard the dates, just type Pantera in the search box).



  • Track Day (0900 - 1700) - $200 / participant*
    • (*Guests might have a small charge...  still working that...)
  • Lunch: $20 / person
  • Dinner: $40 / person

Inde_Motorsports_Track_LayoutIMG_3476Other Notes:

The track is pretty luxurious, and has locker rooms, showers & changing areas after the driving is complete.

You can bring coolers, sodas, waters, etc. for drinks during the day.  If you want, you can probably even bring a lunch, but the track food is good, and it's convenient.

The Track Rabbit web site can provide insurance for your car if you want to purchase it.  Insurance has not been a requirement for previous events, but it might be a good idea.  See the Track Rabbit app for pricing, or you can look to find it on your own.

There is a more complete itinerary being prepared, but the weekend-long event is centered around this track day, so I wanted to let people know that sign-ups are already available.

Looking forward to seeing you all in Willcox!

Chuck & Linda Huber

Jim and Jacki Fusco

and the AZ POCA Team


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For anyone wishing to put their Pantera on a four post or two post lift, the Fusco's home/Pantera hangout it available for your use. That includes any necessary tools to make those last minute repairs or adjustments. As usual the after hours party will be at Fusco's home. For those of you that have not been to this home before, there is plenty of off street parking.

There was a (minor) issue with "Track Rabbit" that didn't allow you to add meals for your guest.  That issue has now been corrected - so feel free to sign up for the Track Event!

Here's the pricing for the track day.  There will also likely be some minor "uppers" (A La Carte) for Wine Tasting (at the track, after the driving is finished), and an AZ POCA fee to try and defray some of our other costs for the weekend.

Here's the INDE Track Day Costs:

Inde Event Pricing


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  • Inde Event Pricing
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As of right now I’ll be leaving West Olive Michigan early Tuesday before the track event towing the Pantera. A friend and I will be covering about 600 miles a day and arriving in Mesa on Thursday night to pick up the wives at the airport. We are planning to caravan with the AZ group on Friday to Wilcox. If anyone is interested in caravan if in form Michigan please contact me. New tires and the Wilwood brake kit are in the shop!

There still seems to be a “challenge” associated with signing up with meals for your guest.  It’s east to sign up for the driver, but the passenger, not so much.

AS A SUGGESTION:  Once you sign up, go to the link on their site and email Track Rabbit, give them your name and user name, and request they update your reservation with meals (lunch and dinner) for your guest.

That way there won’t be a chance for people to show up and go hungry!

Sorry about this minor inconvenience!

Chuck (a.k.a. Rocky)

I received this email from Track Rabbit today.  I was able to edit my reservation and meals for the boss.  See below.

Hi John,

Thanks for reaching out to us! You are still able to edit your registration and add a lunch and dinner for your guest!

If you would like to add them, please follow this link to your registration: Inde Motorsports Ranch : Event Registration

Once the items are added, please ensure you finalize your registration at checkout. Alternatively, we can add the lunch and dinner to your registration for you. Please let us know!

Track Rabbit Support

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