Hello: My name is Matt, and I'm new to these forums. The reason I'm writing is to ask your opinion of a reasonable range for the price of a rolling shell.

Forgive my Pantera ignorance, but I'm most familiar with more mainstream American muscle. I'm nearing the completion of a numbers matching restoration of a 1970 GTO. I've always been intriqued by these Panteras.

I think the car is a '72, it looks to have been a racecar as the headlight openings are covered with aluminum sheet screwed down. The shocks are fairly recent coilovers, it has the headers and exhaust. There is no engine. The transmission is present as is the interior.

The exterior isn't too bad. There are a few mystery punctures in the skin, but no apparent evidence of rust, except for surface rust around the 2-3 punctures. All glass is intact.

I'm curious as to the value of a non-running rolling chassis which seems solid, but in need of some major TLC?

Thanks for any advice.
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Hey Matt, Welcome to the PIBB! Sounds like you have an interesting find. The BIG question is the condition of the ZF. If it grinds in gear, or has internal damage ..you can expect a repair or replacement to be between 3-7 thousand $. The 351 engine should be easy to find. A nice rebuilt engine complete should be around 3-5 thousand. These are the most expensive parts. LOOK carfully for rust. Check under the car and the ares under the radiator and the area behind the driver seat and bulkhead as these are the most prone to rust. Headlight buckets are available and I know of 2 cars being parted out right now by other board members. They both have many parts available. You can buy a running fixer-upper for 28-33K. The car you describe sounds like 10-15 less that that. 10-18 K It would be hard to buy a car not running for much over 20, unless it had a transmission garantee. You have found a great site with many helpfull people. Also try panteraplace.com Mike Dailey has a wealth of info posted. Good luck!
Sometimes with old cars, if it has a racing history that can be documented, the car is worth more than one that doesn't. So if you can figure out who raced the car and how well they did with it, and you restore it as a race car like it was when it won races, it could be worth more than if you return it to street car status.
...no apparent evidence of rust, except for surface rust around the 2-3 punctures.


Sounds like an interesting find. Beware of rust! Panteras rust from the inside out, so a car that has "no apparent rust" on the exterior may be a complete basket case. The good news is you can check the problem areas to be reasonably confident there are no unknown problems lurking.

Check out these resources as well to start your Pantera education...

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Matt ... good luck with those GTO's .... I have a close friend in North Carolina who collects them ... should you need parts.

the Pantera ... can you email me a couple pic's ... I have one with a rough body .. was thinking of swapping everything out.


I bought my first pantera in 2000, it was an old group 4 race car. I paid $12,500.00, it ran and drove but that was about it. If your fenders and quarters are cut for the flares, it's expensive to return it to stock. Your chances are fairly good that the zf is ok but if its a mess in side, big bucks to fix it. I am restoring my 3rd car now, and they can nickle and dime you to death. But the fun factor is well worth it!
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