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Got a bunch of stuff for sale - cleaning out the garage...

Buyer pays shipping. I try and use USPS Flat Rate when possible, this should give you an idea of SOME of the shipping costs. Not too excited about trying to ship overseas.

Take a look at the list. If you think my price is too high, make me an offer with some rationale ("Hey, I can buy that blah blah from Hall for $xxx...") and we can talk.

Thanks for looking.  The link to the pictures no longer works (this is an old post), so let me know what you might want, and I'll send you pictures.  It's easiest if you send me your email in a PM.

Thanks -

  • GBC Fuses 25A/16A/8A (20 ea.) - $25
  • Brake MC (Res. has a hole) - Worked when sent off for a booster rebuild - $100
  • Vitaloni Mirrors and Gaskets - Missing Plates (looking for them) $50
  • Big Harness Covers (Into Engine Bay) (Qty 2) Covers Side Marker Harness $5 for both
  • Carello Tail Light - 1 in Great Condition / 1 Cracked $100 for Both
  • Set of 4x Vintage Telecars (Shocks and Springs) - $40 for all 4 - Expensive to ship!!!
  • FoMoCo Starter C7AF-11001-B (Old Style) - Also says DOAE-11131-D - $40
  • Alternator (75A FoMoCoE E7SFMA) - $60
  • Windshield Wiper Cable and wiper motor attachment bracket - $20
  • 2x Stock Rear Brake Calipers - Good Shape - $180
  • Emergency Brake Cable & Hardware - No sheath - $150

    ************** Sold Stuff *******************

  • GBC Fuses 25A/16A/8A (10 ea.) - (SOLD)
  • 2 Door Weatherstrip (both sides) - no corners (New) - (SOLD)
  • 2 Window Switches (SOLD)
  • Centerforce Aluminum Flywheel with Steel Friction Surface - (SOLD)
  • DeTomaso Logo Sway Bar Braces (SOLD)
  • Single Stock Halfshaft (SOLD)
  • Hall Camber Lock Kit - BRAND New with Instructions (SOLD)
  • Old Tool Bag - missing straps, and has holes (SOLD)
  • Cam Lock Dzus Fastener Plates (Qty 10), 3 New (SOLD)
  • Rebuilt Heater Valve - Pristine (SOLD)
  • Switch Body Assortment (All Broken) (SOLD)
  • Ford Jack (Early Mustang) Great condition, looks like Pantera Jack (SOLD)
  • Lift Struts (SOLD)
  • Water Pump Pulley (Best Condtion) (SOLD)
  • Water Pump Pulley (Rusted) (SOLD)
  • Lower Water Tube (New) (SOLD)
  • Black plastic Tab Covers & Metal Strips (SOLD)
  • Used Front Trunk Gasket - Minor blemishes, but pliable & whole (SOLD)
  • Old Carpet Set (use for template or as-is) - 4 pieces (SOLD)
  • Front & Rear Stock Sway Bars / Brackets - (SOLD)
  • (New) Hall Sway Bar Bushings (Qty 7) - (SOLD)
  • 2x Kick Panels (Brand New) - for Pre-L (SOLD)
  • Front & Rear Sway Bars & Some Brackets - Rear bar is chrome (SOLD)

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Some more parts turned up...

Shoot me a PM with your email, and I'll send pictures.

  • FoMoCo Starter C7AF-11001-B (Old Style) - Also says DOAE-11131-D - $40
  • Alternator (75A FoMoCoE E7SFMA) - $60
  • Windshield Wiper Cable and wiper motor attachment bracket - $20
  • 2x Stock Rear Brake Calipers - Good Shape - $180
  • Emergency Brake Cable & Hardware - No sheath - $150

Buyer pays shipping...


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Hi Robbie -

The car that this was originally purchased for was a 1972 Pre-L.

I will be happy to get out some masking tape, and take measurements at all the critical dimensions, and send you pictures with the measurements marked on the panels.  Then you can take a look at your car and see if these would be a good fit.

Send me a PM with your email address, and I'll work on getting the pictures for you.

Thanks for your interest.





Got to sell some stuff to pay for recent updates...

New items:  Window Switches - Set     * SOLD *

Price reduction on US Taillight Lens:  Both Lenses (1 Perfect, 1 has a cracked section of the chrome) - $90 for both.

Plus, you should skim through my thread.  Still lots of good stuff!

DSC01540 [Large)

Light set....

Tail_Lights_FS [5)Parts_02-08-2017 [3) [Small)Tail_Lights_FS [1)Tail_Lights_FS [3)



Images (3)
  • Parts_02-08-2017 (3) (Small)
  • Tail_Lights_FS (1)
  • Tail_Lights_FS (3)
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I have a odd request. Would you happen to have tbe original nuts and bolts for mounting the rear sway bar brackets?

I just got S/N #4503 back from a shop redoing tbe suspension bushings and they lost my originals. I'm entering a couple local car shows in the preservation class. The new hardware looks totally out of place. Can you help?

I'd also like to find a original nut and bolt for mounting the lower front shock absorber to the lower control arm.

Also one of my black caps that covers the upper seat belt mounting bolt, located on the bulkhead. Came up missing. Have one?

I've got a Seat Belt Cover or two, but apparently Mike beat me to it.

Sorry on the bolts (sway bar and suspension) - I looked, but only have the Sway Bar Straps.  The sway bar bolts were just "Grade 5" (cheapie) bolts.  I had a couple strip out.  Can't you just paint them black?

Good luck at the show.



Pantera Parts for Sale (Located in Tucson, AZ) – Can be delivered to Maricopa for Pick-Up at the 2022 Fun Rally!

Chuck Huber – PM Me If You Want Pictures!


  • Ford Pantera Technical Information Binder - $75
  • Orange Ford Parts Book – Pantera 71-74 Chassis and Body Master Parts Catalog - SOLD
  • Pantera by Ghia Technical Service Information - SOLD
  • ZF-Synchroma Gearbox 5 DS-25 Assy, Maintenance and Operating Instructions (Excellent) - SOLD
  • DeTomaso Pantera by Dave & Linda Adler, Copyright 2006 (Mint) - SOLD

Hall Mark 8 Billet Wheels (17”, fronts are 8” wide, rears are 11” wide) with lug nuts and stylish color inserts – (black, silver or “turned”) - $850

Stock Steering Rack (probably needs a rebuild) - $300

Stock L Bumper, a little wiggly - $100

Rear Suspension Arms (2x Upper & 1x Lower) – Has ends from missing lower arm - $200 for the set

Chrome Swirl Tank, Needs Cleanup and Polishing - SOLD

Pair of Stock Rear Brakes, do the old-style double caliper mod! - $150

Pair of Stock Girling Calipers, Painted Gold, modified to eliminate external plumbing, need rebuilt, but include fittings to convert to AN-3 brake lines - $150

2x Old Style Ford Starters, Needs Rebuilt, $20 each or $30 for both

75A Ford Alternator, $40

Stock Air Conditioning Compressor, $50

Stock Rear “L” Bumper Standoff Tubes / Shock Absorbers - $40

NOS Carello Fog Lights, Covers, Relay, Harness & Switch - $400

Set of 20 NEW Lugnuts for Pantera Studs, marked 1.5RH (Fit Standard Wheel Studs) - $30

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Rear sway bar no longer available.

The (stock?) front bar (and stock brackets) are still available.  $100 for the set of bar and 9 stock brackets (plus shipping).  The bar is black, needs cleanup, as do the brackets.

Dimensions are:

End to end: 39 1/2”

Stop to stop: 22 1/2”

Thickness: .865” (7/8“) diameter

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