Big Batch of Pantera Parts FS....

Got a bunch of stuff for sale - cleaning out the garage...

Buyer pays shipping. I try and use USPS Flat Rate when possible, this should give you an idea of SOME of the shipping costs. Not to excited about trying to ship overseas.

Take a look at the list. If you think my price is too high, make me an offer with some rationale ("Hey, I can buy that camber-lock kit NEW from Hall for $xxx...") and we can talk.

Thanks for looking. Pictures are up, and there are more pix at the slideshow below.
Slide Show of Parts...

  • GBC Fuses 25A/16A/8A (20 ea.) - $25
  • GBC Fuses 25A/16A/8A (10 ea.) - $15
  • Centerforce Aluminum Flywheel with Steel Friction Surface - $100

  • Brake MC (Res. has a hole) - Worked when sent off for a booster rebuild - $125
  • Vitaloni Mirrors and Gaskets - Missing Plates (looking for them) $80
  • Big Harness Covers (Into Engine Bay) (Qty 2) Covers Side Marker Harness $10 for both
  • Carello Tail Light - Great Condition $125
  • Carello Tail Light - Cracked Corner $75
  • 2 Door Weatherstrip (both sides) - no corners (New) $120

    ************** Sold Stuff *******************

  • DeTomaso Logo Sway Bar Braces (SOLD)
  • Single Stock Halfshaft (SOLD)
  • Hall Camber Lock Kit - BRAND New with Instructions (SOLD)
  • Old Tool Bag - missing straps, and has holes (SOLD)
  • Cam Lock Dzus Fastener Plates (Qty 10), 3 New (SOLD)
  • Rebuilt Heater Valve - Pristine(SOLD)
  • Switch Body Assortment (All Broken)(SOLD)
  • Ford Jack (Early Mustang) Great condition, looks like Pantera Jack (SOLD)
  • Lift Struts (SOLD)
  • FIAAM Horn pair with mount bracket (SOLD)
  • Water Pump Pulley (Best Condtion) (SOLD)
  • Water Pump Pulley (Rusted) (SOLD)
  • Lower Water Tube (New) (SOLD)
  • Black plastic Tab Covers & Metal Strips (SOLD)
  • Used Front Trunk Gasket - Minor blemishes, but pliable & whole (SOLD)
  • Old Carpet Set (use for template or as-is) - 4 pieces (SOLD)

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DeTomaso Logo Sway Bar Mounts...


Jazz up that rear tail section.

Sold by the pair, with washers. Shipping (in the USA) included.

There are couple of very minor blemishes on them on the mounting side, but will clean up well.



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Some more parts turned up...

Shoot me a PM with your email, and I'll send pictures.

* Set of 4x Vintage Telecars (Shocks and Springs) - $40 for all 4
* FoMoCo Starter C7AF-11001-B (Old Style) - Also says DOAE-11131-D - $40
* Alternator (75A FoMoCoE E7SFMA) - $60
* Windshield Wiper Cable and wiper motor attachment bracket - $20
* 2x Stock Rear Brake Calipers - Good Shape - $160
* Front & Rear Stock Sway Bars / Bushings / Brackets - $25 each set
* 2x Kick Panels (Brand New) - for Pre-L - $75
* Emergency Brake Cable & Hardware - No sheath - $15

Buyer pays shipping...



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