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...Been wanting to Black Out the Trim for a Long While. The Taping Off was a Lesson in Patience and the Use of 'Panters Blue Tape'...into Tiny Places, was a PIA, that paid off well. I covered the Entire Car with a Large sheet of clear plastic then tore open where I was working and Taped it down, for No Over-Spray. I'am Happy with the results.

The 'Nose Grill' is Gone, never to come back, SOLD. The Mounting Trim was Cut Off and sanded, for the 'Open Mouth' Look. Being the 'Rock-Guard' is Gone. I Fashioned one from a Finer Grill, mounted close, In front of the Radiator. The Open 'Mouth' Scoops More air, it blk lblk iblk hblk kblk ablk cdoes run cooler, by a Little. I never Liked the Factory Grill. Thousands of Panteras have them. I think they are Ugly.

Took her out today, to 'Bake On' The Satin Paint. She runs Beautifully! NOT Wanting for Power, I can Not even 'Crack Open' the Secondaries, she gets Too Loose!.

Left to do, a Hand Washing and Paint up the Paint Chips.


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