My GRP or Fibreglass boot liner is covered in a black felt like material and about 1/16th of an inch deep if not compressed.

I don't know how they applied this stuff back in 1972, it looks like a single piece of material, but must have been fitted in a special way.

I have thought of having it "Flocked", and then again I could have a go myself, getting a similar material isn't a problem.

Am hoping for info from those who have been there before me and already done the job, best Peter
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Peter, most of us are terrible at some things and great at others. For instance I can R & R a ZF or an engine but I cannot do upholstery work. For both my trunks, I farmed out such work to a local street rod upholstery shop and they did an excellent job, for a decent price and had the material on their shelves. Unless you have been holding back on us, I suggest you will be time & money ahead to do the same.
I think it looks seamless simply because the felt material is easy to hide an edge with.

Strip it off with the edge of a putty knife and use the old pieces as a pattern. A spray on glue like 3M should do the job.

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