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I have always used Castrol DOT 4 in my brake and clutch systems with no problems.  Was shopping for some new containers to find that nobody seems to sell Castrol DOT 4 anywhere in the US.  I see Pentosin has a Super DOT 4 which looks very high quality.  

Anybody have other suggestions they have been successfully using - system is stock brake and clutch with stainless lines and CNC clutch slave.


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Here is a useful thread...

And some additional information and other fluids I considered:

Brake Fluid                      Dry Boiling Point   Wet Boiling Point     Price         
AP SUPER 600                           590°F                410°F                  $18.00/16.9oz
CASTROL SRF                            590°F                 518°F                  $69.99/33.8oz
NEO SUPER DOT 610               610°F                421°F                  $15.00/12oz
MOTUL RACING 600                593°F                420°F                  $15.00/16.9oz
MOTUL DOT 5.1                        509°F               365°F                  $6.50/16.9oz
ATE SUPER BLUE**                   536°F               392°F                  $11.99/33.8oz**
VALVOLINE SYNPOWER           503°F                343°F                 $4.97/16.9oz
ATE SL                                         500°F                329°F                 $7.95/16.9oz
CASTROL LMA                           450°F                311°F                 $3.50/16.9oz
AP 551                                        528°F                288°F                 $12.50/16.9oz
Ford C6AZ-19542-AA*              550°F               290°F                 $6.95/12oz*

* Ford Heavy Duty DOT 3 is very inexpensive and is popular among racers because of its excellent dry boiling point. Considered by many to be the best-kept secret in brake fluids. IT DOES ABSORB MOISTURE QUICKLY THOUGH. Recommended by Baer and Alcon. According to Hot Rods and Horsepower: "Ford Motor Company purchases Castrol SRF by the barrel, repackages it, and sells it as Ford Heavy Duty fluid to owners of heavy-duty trucks. Anyone may buy it from a Ford dealer under part number C6AZ-19542-AA." Although this rumor is often repeated on the 'Net', given the different specs between the two fluids, this assertion seems questionable at best.

** ATE Super Blue DOT 4 is even LESS expensive per ounce than the Ford Heavy Duty brake fluid and ABSORBS MOISTURE SLOWLY! And that’s why I chose it.  BUT, I don't think it's available anymore.  It seems the Feds didn't like that it was blue.  So buy the ATE 200, which is the same thing, but Amber in color.

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