I just read your "old discussion" on this build and amazed at the amount of work and time you have in your project. You are very talented. I am looking forward to seeing more.

Are you still planning on integrating a roll cage into your car? Once again, great work.

This car was renovated in Sweden 8 years ago.. As you can see the job wasn’t the best so I have to build everything. Sad thing is that he cut and removed so much so it’s hopeless for me to build it back to stock. Probably too much beer in his garage!! dead horse

I have bought pipe bender and a lot of pipe so roll cage will come. Not sure if it will be a full roll cage yet.
More pictures of this ambitious project - please. I admire the confidence and courage you have to take this on. Very impresive. I too am interested in how creative you get tying the rear end together again. Almost looks like you could weld a flange on each side and bolt it to the tranny.
Haven't got to that part jet.. just cut it 6 hour's ago. Half to make new motor mounts so the engine and gearbox sits lover in the chassi. I will build a roll-cage and a frame that will hold the gearbox and stiffen the body/chassi. As you can see I have some hour left Cool

Jt her are some link's to some pic:


I bought the Ricardo 3 year's ago. This is a brand new unit so I don't see any problem with this unit for many year's. The internal parts are in other Ricardo units so i don't see any problems with getting parts.

So why did I go for the Ricardo... This discussion you will find on this forum and other forums like the GT40 forum. But for me this is a new and modern unit with smooth shifting, can withstand a lot of power and they are cheap.

I looked at many different unit's and they cost 3 times as much for a unit with same spec and then I also had to do many mods to get the unit in.

ZF is a good box but with the engine I went for it's just to small and parts for the ZF is to expensive to change every year. I want to use the car without thinking of breaking the box. and parts are cheep in England where I bought the unit.
Hmmmm- your method may have been simpler. A few years ago I sectioned my motormounts by an inch about halfway down the lower half, to drop the engine so the Aviaid wet-sump pan was level with the lower edge of the frame rails. Dropping the engine more than an inch caused interference with the under-engine crossmember and the harmonic balancer-to-water-return pipe as well as the A/C to right frame rail clearance. In race cars, none of those would be a concern. Nice work.

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