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I'm would like to sell this gorgeous red pantera. Unfortunately, I really need money. I have had the car more than 10 years and I still love it and hate to part with it. I purchased it from a bail bondsman with less than 20,000 miles on it. Now it has 47,000 miles and is in even better condition. I had the exterior fully restored about 8 years ago by Tom's Auto Body in Orange County, CA. The car was stripped to raw metal and repainted Ferrari red. The chrome was all redone at that time. The engine compartment was also painted. I purchased Kinesis rims and low profile Pirellis, but I still have the original rims. This car won the Concour's D'Elegance Most Original Car in the 2000 POCA ralley! This was the last year they held the contest. The black interior is entirely original. I installed a custom stereo without altering the interior t all. It is completely removable. The 351 Cleveland engine was blueprinted and balanced and runs great. I would like to get $70,000 for the car. It is in excellent condition. Fred Parle (951) 765-5020 I will post a photo later today.
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$70K is a lot of money for an average Pantera but it would be difficult to find a low mileage prestine Pantera and then restore it to the level Fred has described for less than that. If the color and spec level are what you want then bingo, you have a bargin without the 2+ year wait for the restoration to be completed. If you live in Europe you get an even better bargin because the dollar is weak. Do I care whether Pantera prices are high or low? car is not for sale and I don't care what people think I have into it.
You know us Pantera owners can be our own worst enemies.....

There's always lots of conversation about how undervalued Pantera's are, then when one comes up at a price most owners would be proud of, it immediately gets knocked!

A car that won Concours d' Elegance for most original is likely a fine example and of recent a number of low mileage and stock Pantera's have been seen advertised in the +$60K range. Maybe the tide is turning (for stock period correct cars at least)....that is a move in the right direction. Will it ever get to a point that owners start pulling flares off and going back to stock, who knows?
JEFFS--Does BARRETT-JACKSON even accept car's that have a RESERVE price? [I don't think they do] Personally i wouldn't consign any car under those circumstance's. If you get a bad time slot OR there just isn't enough interest for what ever reason, you could wind up getting screwed...Uless you are rich and just don't care OR are willing to take the gamble.
just my 2 cent's.....
In today's market no way I'd consign a car with 'no reserve', I thought BJ wass accepting cars with reserve's. Not sure if there terms are any different though, I bet they are.

I posted previously an example from Monterey of a Superformance MKII GT40 that sold 'no reserve' for $66K. That is around $10-15K less than you can buy an SPF 'rolling chassis', before you even buy the 427 FE motor and ZF transaxle! AT RM or Russo-Steele there were many lots listed 'high bid' and not sold!
Hang with the price and see what happens, we all sell our cars too cheap (but that's supply & demand for ya, as well as other vehicle choices). Maybe try Dupont Registry, lots of high end exotics and collectibles in there with national exposure. Anamera is a free webpage which seems good for overseas exposure, where it seems most of our cars are going now (see link below). Get it out in some car shows too. Once car nuts see it, then it generates interest if it is a nice car.
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