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Dear friends, 

This time, I build a 393.

Block is o2 over 

Diamond Flat Top Pistons 

Scat I beam rods 

Scat crank.

Heads are 4v open chamber litte ported , new brass valve guides 

Manley Race Master valves installed.

The engine is for the track and sometimes for the street.

Wich cam should I use ? Want to install a roller cam.

Thanks for your help in advance. 



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The most important ratio is the dynamic ratio , not the static one. You must choose this ratio (George recommends not to exceed 8:1), then, depending on the angle of closing the inlet valve of the camshaft that you choose, you will deduce the static ratio and finally the amount to be milled on the cylinder head.

There are many Excel files that make it very easy to calculate all these values, if you want one ===> PM

All ways are not equal, there are some logics and others that are not.

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