I'm going to buy a covered car hauler. What's the minimum length I should consider? Any features people have found to be really necessary? No dream trailers please, I'm on a limited budget Frowner Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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I have a 26' enclosed Haulmark and you really don't need that much. I heard that 24' is the most popular size but I bet you could get away with as little as 20' if you don't plan to have much of anything but the car in there. I have finished walls, lights, a vent, lowered step, dropped rear deck, heavy duty axles with brakes on both and (4) d-rings in the floor. Of all of that I would really suggest the d-rings, heavier axles with brakes and thats really about it.
Agreed 20 to 24' floor space is probably a good size, any smaller and you need e-track style tie downs as there isn't enough fore and aft leverage to hold the car rigid.

Don't underestimate assessing towing capability of your tow vehicle, I ended buying a new truck after I purchased a trailer....


I wish I had an enclosed trailer but my tow rig is not as sweet as yours, so I'm stuck getting my car wet on my 16' open trailer.

One thing I am very happy with is the E-Track I installed in my trailer. It makes towing anything really easy. We even use it at my shop for moving equipment and product. Having the ability to strap things down almost anywhere is fantastic. Lots of accessories available for the system as well. As Joules mentions, it makes getting a shorter trailer more viable.

Thanks for the advice guys. Here's the latest in my pantera protection program. 18 ft. plus 4 ft. V nose. Perfect fit for the car and still room up front for tires and tools,jack etc.
Was special ordered by a customer and then cancelled. I got it for a smokin good deal.
Doug M


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Beautiful! The door to let you get out of the car is a great feature- just make sure your car door can't catch the wind and get thrown into it when you get in or out (if it can, fab a cushion you can put up against it when needed).

So, will we see you out east next summer? burn rubber
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