Have anyone here used carbon-fiber hood and/or deck-lid? See PIM sell them, but I was wondering if anyone here had first hand experience with these parts? Do they fit good? What is the weight-loss on the different parts?

Thinking of building my car into a "carbon-GTS"-look, but before paying my hard earned, I would like to know if it is worth it.

Have at one time seen a carbonfiber dash! Any info on that?
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Thanks for that, I found it.
Sorry to Hijack the thread !
I have emailed them, are they the type of company to return emails ? Or are they like 'other' Pantera places that don't reply to emails and I have to call them in the middle of the night Australian time ?
Larry Stock has started making and selling carbon fiber decklids and hoods. He has sold a number of recent, foremost as Mad Dawg (Dennis Antenucci of Team Pantera Racing for those who are not familiar) got them for his car and has been singing the praises of the quality. See them on the TPR website with pricing here;


FWIW; PIM, Wilkinson and Larry Stock's CF/fiberglass work is done by the same guy here in Reno. Each vendor has there own molds and slight differences in the way they are laid up etc. They are all CF outer with a fiberglass core units, no one as of yet is making a full CF autoclaved unit for maximum strength and minimum weight.
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