I'm going out of town Friday ... returning Monday evening.

Therefore the Pantera International office will be closed this weekend ... but we shall be initiating new hours when I get back.

As of Tuesday December 11th we'll be open weekdays, Monday through Friday, 1:00 PM through 4:30 PM.

And when you call it won't be Justin who answers the phone ... it shall be me.

We'll call the new hours experimental for now, I need a chance to see how they work out.

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Congats on the milestone. And I do need to thank you and everyone else here on helping me in one way or another for buying my first Pantera. Saw my first one in 72 at Pacific Lincoln-Mercury on Westlake in Seattle. I knew then I had to have one. Still have the sales brochure from then. Thanks again for all your posts.
I've made an adjustment to the office hours

I seldom receive phone calls on Friday, so I've shortened the week to Monday through Thursday. Maybe I'll work on my Pantera on Friday!

I'm taking care of my grand daughter in the afternoon now, I have to leave to pick her up at 3:30, so I shifted the office hours 1 hour earlier, Noon to 3:30.

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