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Hello you all !!!

Im a long time "car guy" from Finland, and have huge Pantera fever going on. The car that "bites" me is hot rodded one, and that is the main thing that scares me a little.  Its well done and it looks fine (havent drove it yet) but cause its very expensive for me, Im forced to think its value in future, so what you think about rodded Panteras and how they will keep value in future vs. original style restorated ones?



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With a "rodded" car you have to hope you find someone with the same taste as the person who did it, and place a value on that. Can be iffy. Rarely, if ever will the money spent come back. No one can ever find fault with a stock original example. In addition, more reliable, and cheaper to maintain. Speed would be the only sacrifice, and how many of us old geezers are pushing their cars hard anymore? Just my .02

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While I generally agree with rrs1, I also believe (from my experience) that if you like a particular style, you will likely later regret "settling" for a different one.  Also, if this one is pricey, be patient, another will come along eventually.  GT-4 & GT-5 conversions are plentiful enough at least in the US and at fairly reasonable prices, though I can't speak for the extra costs you would incur to get one to Finland and registered there, just might be worth looking into further if you haven't already.

Dear Kari,

           RRS is a distinguished proponent of Panteras to back-to-stock factory condition and his comments are wise.  However, given the number of Panteras that have been "hot rodded" or modified supports that many people succumb to the call of better brakes, handling , power, cooling , acceleration, etc, etc.   Somehow, those mods provide a lot of owners with an improved driving experience.

           If you are considering a highly modified Pantera, then the more extensive or extreme the modifications, then the more uncertain its subsequent market value becomes.  

           Good luck with the Pantera fever.

                  Warmest regards, Chuck Engles


If you don't have a vision of what you're ultimately looking for, I'd guess that often the condition of the prospective candidates you encounter will help decide.

A car with rust or wreck damage, or a project already headed towards rodding could quite reasonably continue in that direction, while an unmodded cleanish find is a better candidate for the restoration to stock, and in that condition, is usually worth the most in the end. Probably easier with MOT inspections too, but I'm not sure how Finland works. 

Auction and private sales confirm that a well executed 'rodded' Pantera with tasteful upgrades can command as equally high and sometimes higher price. The Group 4 conversion in the photo looks to be a well executed example that IMO would appeal to a fairly wide audience as Group 4's are a favored modification.

Unless you are paying a premium for such a car I think it will hold value well and I believe future values for such cars may increase over originals as a new demographic ages and has funds to buy and enjoy one. Yes there will always be collectors of originality, but I look at those as more commodity investors. Look at antique car prices now, many are laughably cheap!

WOW, Thanks for so many replies !!!

Wise words and thoughts, I will go and check that car on friday if everything goes as planned, so let see how it runs and "feels".

BTW. does any of you know anything about this car (#5355) ? Its build at US about 2000 - 2012, and sold to Finland, Europe 2013 or 2014

Thanks for your help, and sorry about my terrible english  


I have 5357 (two S/N's later than that one).  5360 is also here in Arizona, highly modified.  5358 is in Europe (Sweden?) with a wild paint scheme. 


There is no information in the DeTomaso Registry on 5355.  So if you can get pictures of the car, and the identifying data (S/N plate in the window, on the footbox, on the doorjamb, and the data plates in the engine bay, as well as the ZF S/N and engine number (back of the engine, by the left side head), and send them to the Administrator on the DeTomaso Registry, you can get access to the searchable database to evaluate many cars, and find a lot of their history.


Enjoy the shopping!

Here's some of 5355's brothers and sisters.

 In order... 



#5358 (Sweden?)


5360 (BLKPNTR) in AZ, that's 5357 (Yellow) to the left.


5356 at Mayberry (Los Angeles, CA)





Images (4)
  • 5357_with_JHH_Autograph: 5357 with John Horsman's Autograph
  • 5358_Side: 5358 (Sweden?)
  • 5360_with_5357: 5360 - BLKPNTR (5358 is beside it)
  • 5356_at_Mayberry: 5356 in a Los Angeles Dealership
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Looks like a nice build from the photos. Interesting, one part of it looks like Arts cosmetic transmission modification with the curve by the bellhousing (however his car was totaled). If you like it bargain with them & keep it. There are a lot of modified cars around, but many have cut corners and when you see it in person you will know if the quality is good or not. From the looks of it I would buy that in a heartbeat, but seeing it in person is key. Small stuff you can gradually work on (and bargain with) such as the small marks on the valve covers.  More photos here:

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At the asking price Simon makes a very valid point, GT5S cars have come off their highs and make a great investment. There are a couple of very nice examples currently available from Speeed8Classics  in Belgium.

Seeing the photos in the link someone has spent a great deal of time and money on this car, personally (just my taste) I do not like the way the flares look they are too shallow in angle.

Right now it looks that Pantera what offered to me, isnt for sale at the price I could tolerate, at the begining seller gave me some "price range" but now he want more (les than asking price in the add) but too much for me anyway.

So Im not goin to see that Pantera on friday.

Lets see if some day I found another Pantera for me.

Thanks for you all for your helping comments, you have great members at this forum 


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