I have made a few changes to my first plan with the car. It will now be a GT5-S clone build. What are Your thoughts on sizes of wheels for it? 17" or 18"?

I am going for some kind of Campi clone/replicas and am also wondering on the width of the rims? 8,9 or 10 front and 11,12 or 13 rear? What do You think? Not looking for the widest but the nicest look and polished.


Maybe someone has got a set for sale?

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The only look that suits a GT5-S is an original campi 10 spoke in my opinion. The later wide body cars sit significantly lower than stock earlier Pantera's, and the same wide body ride height requires super low profile tires to achieve with a large wheel and then just doesn't look right.

If you are purchasing a GT5-S retrofit kit, it consists of steel flares additions that are cut into the existing fender, so be sure to get your chosen wheels and align everything prior to welding. There are some odd looking fender wells out there from folks for whom wheels were an afterthought.

That said, I do have set of Kodiak Motorsports standard wide body offset wheels I would sell. Never mounted on a car they have Toyo R888 tires mounted.


Yes like I said, I am going for a Campy replica, but only in 17 or 18 inch, not interested in smaller size. I am building the car for me, as I like it and I prefer 17 or 18 polished replicas. But the question was how wide and what size I should aim for, not design. It will be  GT5-s wide fenders, now it is Gr4 steel fenders so it is already a wide car.

Hi Jayz.

If it was my car.

17 in front 18 in back, but the ET is more importend than the with (it depends of the ET) of the rims.

It will look ugly if the rims sitting to long in under the fenders, and give problem if it sticks to long out.

try with the rims you have and messure the clearens before you order any new.


17'' are the best choice in my opinion 10 in the front 13 in rear. Here my BBS 3piece rims.. 


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So if it's a wide body already the wheels are the same dimensions, unless you change something with the geometry i.e. offset/ back spacing or a-arm lengths. When you say a campi clone do you mean a wide body campi clone or a early style narrow body wheel to fit the wide body?

The wider the rim the deeper the dish, more shiny metal surface you can have polished so it's a personal choice I think, whether you want it to drive or look good in your garage. Wide body (10 spoke) campi clones will be 10" and 13" width with standard wide body offset unless you get a set custom made.

Looks are one thing drive ability is another the wide body cars are renowned for tram lining, if I was getting a custom set of wheels made I would fabricate longer a-arms (like the Si had) and push the wheel center further out for a much better driving car.

Pantera International have their ”le mans” wheel  in 17 inch. I like the design, 10 spoke Campi style. But they only come in 8 front and 11 rear. 2 different et, one for narrow body and one for wide body. Dont know if they are too narrow or not. Other vendors have 18 inch with 10 front and 12 or 13 rear. So that is my question and reason for this post. What do you have on your wide body car and what do you think i should have; width, et, size and other things. I am ONLY interested in 10 spoke campi clones, that look like originals but 17 or 18 inch.

I have 17" GT5/5S spec wheels 10" Fr & 13" Rr, if PIM supply narrower wheels that have the correct offset then it is purely a matter of taste as the width is all coming off the inside edge. I'd want to see a set on a wide body to assess where they actually sit to the fender lip. Wide body cars look stupid if the wheel is set very far under the flare IMO. I looked at the PI website and personally wasn't overly taken with them,yes they have 10 spokes but they are a flat center no dish like a real campi.

An 11 inch rear will still take a 335 profile tire, the 8" front you may just get away with a 255 profile, but 235 is recommended, whereas stock was 285/40. The narrower rubber up front will help reduce tram lining and ease parking lot steering wheel effort. What do you have on the Group 4 as it is now and how do you like the drive?

Whatever you do I would suggest (if not already done) to modify the upper a-arms to provide additional caster, a wide body really benefits from it, I have 7 degrees.

I have basset wheels now, never driven this car, but have had 5 panteras in the past, mostly 15 inch but also 17 inch campi clones. Dont like the look of the Basset.  I Will have electric pwr steering on it, so parking is no issue. This car Will not be a track car, i have a mclaren for that, but more relaxed drives for fun and acceleration. What brand are your 17 inch? 

A GT5S conversion is a lot of work, especially if you use the vendor flares which are just pieces you weld in (fortunately I have a set of factory full fenders stashed away). Conversion cost is in excess of $25K, but there's a clone 5S on eBay, been for sale for months and can't get over $100K, so a  lot less work to buy someone else's investment.

My wheels are Kodiak, not a 10 spoke campi pattern.

Thanks, but all my Panteras have 17" all around. Always wondered what 17 front and 18 rear would look like on a 5S though. I like cars with a bit of rake.

Nothing wrong with a Group 4 too if yours is already built well, but if you really like 5S then there ya go. Both styles are real nice & aggressive looking.

I recommend you to go with 18" because 17" tires are getting harder to find! Newer cars is using 18" and up! In 10 years 17" is special orders only!

I have 11 x17  275/40 and13 x17 335/35 on my older Pantera    and on the newer one 11 x18 275/35 and 13 x18 335/30 and the tire height is almost same.



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What is the range of offsets for fitting inside the wheel wells properly to a GT5-S?  Is there only one answer - or if I measured my original GT5-S 15" rims this offset should be correct for 17's or 18's as well?

Still no more suggestions? I Will repeat myself, I am looking for campi clones in 17 or 18 inch for my gt5-s build.

What sizes/width /offset/vendor are you using or suggestions. Any other thoughts? Not interested in other look than original campi look. 

anyone have a set for sale? 

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