Removed the clutch master for inspection and cleanup.
Bore is clean and rubbers are in good shape but, the deteriorated boot tore pretty badly when master was separated from the pedal support plate.
This is an earlier car without the effort reduction linkage that uses the long pushrod boot with five folds in the bellows. A little searching here shows that ten years ago the rebuild kits, in particular kits with the right boots, were hard to find. Is that still the case?
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Passing along some valuable info from a fellow club member a few years ago...

The correct part number for the square reservoir master if you want to try it is 136.44897 thru Centric. It is currently unavailable so you need to hunt thru various warehouses.

However a close master cylinder is Centric #136.44356. This has the correct round reservoir. The mounting holes need to be drilled larger, and if you have the clutch effort reduction kit you must re-use your original shorter pushrod. Original application I believe is a Testarossa, and may be hard to find.

BTW, these masters are made in Italy by ATE, the brake company famous for the blue colored brake fluid; not the Chinese junk some vendors used to sell.

You might contact Centric with these part numbers to inquire about interchangeability of various components such as the rubber/bellow.

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