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I just purchased two new stainless steel  coolant tanks, but the supplier did not have the correct caps.  Do any of you have the correct part numbers for the caps for these "aftermarket" tanks, or any experience with various brands? I like Motorcraft parts when they are available. I'm sure the market is full of cheap junk caps, like everything else.

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there are two different necks, so the seller should tell you which one you got.

Further you need the correct pressure rating for the swiwell  tank (the hot tank), well you must have the old caps right look for the rating think is 7 psi (but my car is still in winter sleep so not handy). The second tank (overflow)  has just a cap to my knowledge no rating..

I believe that it is supposed to be a 12psi cap and that can be upgraded to a 15psi to increase the boil over temp.

Both of my original tanks took a USA cap.

There is discussion that there is a Euro neck on some and I'd have to speculate that has to be an "early USA" car since later cars took USA caps, i.e., the same as a Mustang or Cougar would use?

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