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I caution anyone to do your homework, scams are so prevalent nowadays on all sites, anything that is cheap or a solid deal requires additional scrutiny and caution, we have a good community of owners geographically spread, so there's usually someone local that can inspect if not a PPI is cheap.

Flags; Price; the ad photos are the same as Provamo 2019, in those extended ones it wears an IL license plate and is clearly not in OR.

PS; Marti report on Provamo shows #4650 was white originally.

Hello all!

I sent a email via the ad, inquiring about the Orange Pantera in "Portland, Otegon" for 55k.

I got the following email reply from a Gilbert David;

"Hello Shawn. I'm advertising this car for a very close friend of mine. I have just a few shots of his cars in my email which I have attached to the ads. He's based in Missouri. If you are interested, kindly contact my friend Jay by email at / 314 775 5379 for more info and photos. Tell Jay, Gilbert David (Portland Oregon) referred you."

I called the number this morning (11/22/2020) with no answer (or voice mail). But quickly received a return phone call...

The car is located in MISSOURI and NOT Oregon... 😒

I can understand listing the car for a friend. But why not give the correct location?

It is a scam guys, Simon got a totally different answer;

Thanks for contacting me. This is a 72 Pantera, matching numbers. Overall, the car is in excellent condition with original color. No mechanical issues. Also have a lot of service records.

I acquired the DeTomaso in 2008 from the original owner who owned the car since it was brand new. I have a clear Oregon title in my name.   

I'm selling this car to finance another one and this is the only reason so I'm firm on the price. Payment will be via bank transfer. Kindly find attached for more pictures of the car.

For shipping, I highly recommend and have used Schumacher Cargo. Please keep in touch.


Jay Lacap

503 877 3963

Yes, "503" is the original / oldest of the Oregon area codes...

Lived here all my life and currently, I live 7 miles from Downtown Portland, in Beaverton.

I just called the number "503" number at 5:15 (PST) and got the same "ring tone" as the "314" number, with no answer or voice mail.

"Jay" the owner could have two telephone numbers. If he previously lived here in Oregon.

But the person that returned my call earlier today from the "314" number said the car was located in MISSOURI and not Oregon.

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