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Continuing to put together the Pantera that I bought taken apart.... I have the courtesy light for the inside of the car in front of the fire wall in the middle of the car but I can't find any wiring for the light... I am assuming that a single wire ran to the light but not sure where the wire was connected to pull power.... does anyone know where the wire connects and does the wire to the light run up the A or B pillar and which side of the car??? Thanks for help. Any pictures appreciated!

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We all know the words “not factory” when applied to our cars is often a gray, not definite black and white, situation.

Until I saw Greg’s photo of his zip cord wires I, like Lardog, also thought the same wires in 2511 had been added during a previous restoration in the 1990’s.

during the reassembly of 2511, I was in intimate contact with all of the wiring harness, and there is nothing else like that zip cord anywhere else in the harness.

perhaps it was something that changed later in the production process?

Curious what Greg’s VIN is and also the VIN of Lardog’s car.


March 1972 manufacture date. VIN ending in 03051. Early 72 car I think..

The "zip cord" wires were clearly a part of the original wiring harness... Maybe something they found in the speaker box that day so they decided to use it!!

I have been troubleshooting British car wiring systems for over 50 years so I have seen almost everything..... I actually like troubleshooting electrical issues.... Something clearly wrong with me....

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