Found this for sale in the UK.

On questioning exactly what it was I got this response;

It is lhd and was registered 02 July 2002 it is a Mangusta 4.6 Sport Roadster LHD Qvale. The car came from MG Rover it was there evaluation project vehicle it has only done 3700 miles.

De Tomaso Ebay UK

So anyone know the story behind this vehicle, is it a true De Tomaso or a badged something else?
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The last vehicle to emege from DeTomaso was the Bigua, a small front engine 2 seater powered by Ford's 4.6 liter 4 cam mod motor.

Kjell Qvale is a business entrepeneur who imported MGs into the US beginning about 1947 and helped to establish the American appetite for sports cars after world war II. He also imported DeTomaso Mangustas into the US in the late 1960s. He and his son, Bruce Qvale, entered into a "new" business relationship with DeTomaso, took over production of the Bigua, and rebadged the car as the Qvale Mangusta. The relationship between DeTomaso and Qvale turned nasty as production began. The car was produced for a couple of years (2000 to 2002), a few hundred were made the majority were sold in the US, Qvale took a big loss on the project. They later sold the car & manufacturing facilities in Modena to MG Rover (2003?). MG Rover retained the chassis, re-bodied the vehicle and turned it into their "hot" sports car, the SV and SV-R. The SV is very popular with the MG Rover enthusiasts. So the Bigua lives on as a MG Rover, few DeTomaso enthusiasts realize the soul of this British sports car is actually the last DeTomaso.


Where do you obtain and store all these trinkets of information you so greatfully share with us!

Your endless knowledge always manages to amaze me; all I can say is PI is in great hands.

MG is now owned by a Korean or Chinese company and they are going to manufacture an MG in Ardmore Oklhoma. Will it be the rebodied Bigua?
Jeff its a Chinese Corp that purchased MG Rover, mostly for the names. MG and Rover will be two separate lines of automobiles. They will be building MG cars in China, Birmingham England and Ardmore. No mention of Modena, so it would seem the plant where the Bigua/Mangusta/SV was built is not in the picture. The car being built in Ardmore is described as a "new model", and they are referring to it as a "TF-Coupe".

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My understanding is they have intention to build the MG in the United states. Some of the MG guys suport it some wouldn't buy it being chinese made in the US or otherwise. I would have no problem if it were made here....


What I do have a problem with is China is trying to put forth legislation that would make any manufacturing IN China turn over it's designs to China so they can spread the technology. If that becomes a legitimate movement I think the USA needs to decide how they would handle such a thing.
When MG is owned by the Chinese...the world is definitely a'changing. Like it or not.

Anyone know what's the latest with detomaso?
I heard MG is building a plant right here in the US of A, to build little mid engend MG cars.
Anyone know what's the latest with detomaso?

The company is legally required to liquidate. According to Tom Tjaarda, Isabelle DeTomaso controls the company but is doing nothing with it. Except for the DeTomaso name, all the assets with any real value have already been sold. So you basically have the factory building, which is old, outdated and essentially worthless, and the DeTomaso name. She refuses to sell the name unless someone also buys the factory. There have been interested buyers, including Tom, for the name but the factory cost is a liability and makes the price too high to justify.
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