Hi all I just came into possesion of a factory Ford Dealership Product and Merchandising Guide for the Pantera and was just wondering how many of you have seen or heard of these, it is in a three ring binder and looks complete and hardly used.
Any info would be much apprieciated.
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I received one of these in a box full of assorted Pantera literature which was given to me by an original owner in my town after I purchased my car. He had kept all of the literature,posters,magazines with road tests of the time,etc when he sold his car & gave them to me when he found out I had bought my car - was a customer @ my place of business. Is a GREAT resource to learn how Ford expected their dealers to sell Panteras! I'm holding on to mine like GOLD! Enjoy it.

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I tried to post a reply to your question last night but it got lost & didn't post for some reason?? Mad So, I'll try again! Hopefully, you're a member of Chuck Meltons' Provamo website Registry as Chuck has pixs of the index pages at the link shown below. The cover of the book he shows is different from the one that Jeff & I have but the index pages are essentially the same. As you will see there are quite a few different sections covering many subjects dealing with the car. The book is about 90 pages long so takes awhile to get through. Hope this helps!


Thats a later issue Bob. The guide sure does have alot of info, comparison to all sorts of cars to pitch to the potental buyer, Ferrari, Masarati, Corvette, Porsche, it lists the prices, 0-60 times for all the cars, horsepower.
The book has electrical diagrahams, it had the sales poster of the yellow pantera, a warranty brochure, some of the articles from the service manual..etc etc.
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