Hi David, I'd like to replace my current tinted windshield (purchased long back from Hall Pantera) with a more original clear version, w/o the upper tinted border. Any chance there may be a non-tinted version available? That would be a great option to have for the Mangusta community, imo! - regards, Nate S
I bought a set for my Mangusta front windshield and unfortunately they did not fit and left gaps at the corner. I had to source windshield rubbers from Hall where they had to cut and fit the pieces together. I could not get a refund for the $450 I spent on the windshield rubbers.

For gluing rubber - in aerospace, we used instant-bond Superglue to build big o-rings - use a fresh cut on both surfaces to be stuck together, as a cut rubber surface seems to build an oxide layer after a short time. This degrades bond strength. Other glues will require some sort of clamp or fixture.

Superglue doesn't seem to spread well after putting the parts together, so coat 100% of the contact area with a thin layer of adhesive before bonding. Not only will the glued jint be stronger, there will be no little openings to leak rainwater.

In building 10-ft OD rocket booster o-rings, we used a brand new x-acto blade each time. Rubber is abrasive... If you google 'McMaster-Carr', they have several actual kits for building o-rings this way, including a square-cutting fixture, single-edge razor blades, superglue and a few feet of o-ring stock. Making the ends absolutely square is important to avoid a twist in the glued part. Practice a few times before gluing an expensive part. You can often cut the thing apart ONCE and redo things.

Fabricated rubber pieces that are used as stationary seals work well. For o-rings that have to move and seal, it's trickier because the glued point is less flexible than the rest. I once modified a Camaro clutch master cylinder with a glued-together secondary o-ring in a piston slot I machined myself, because the piston was an odd size and the OEM seal was an inadequate cup type- just like the Pantera. Worked fine at a clutch's low operating pressure.

Mr Fiat is pretty proud of their windshields, are these really the only oem quality on the market?

I purchased Pantera windshield rubbers from Roland before he closed shop, they do away wit the trim and look more modern without going to a full glue in windshield.

Roger that, Lee! Larry Stock has had a few brand new Mangusta windshields and rubber gaskets for at least 10 years without a sale. I once mentioned that ALL Pantera parts vendors are a labor of love, not a profit making venture.  They could easily make more money pumping gas at Shell or Arco.

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