Can some of you please post pix of how you mounted door speakers in your cat?

Specifically, I am wondering how you got the magnet to fit into the door.

My window motor and gear allow for only 1 1/2" of "penetration" into the door ... but my speaker's magnet is 2 3/4" deep!

Pix would be greatly appreciated!

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"pre-made speaker console" overhead?

There is still a Jeep specific model on eBay.

The adjustable unit may still be in stock with a vendor.

It was stocked by JC Whitney and at a close-out price several years ago.

I looked around a bit a few months ago and could not find the unit that is used in Panteras.


EA #3528,

I'm using 6 1/2" diameter door speakers that are 2-7/16" deep, mounted directly to the door panel. All I had to do to make them fit was use Ted Mitchell's Vader Window Regulator kit ( Don Byars (Precision Proformance) installed it all for me.


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I like the look of your door speakers. Does your window roll all the way down with the Vadar window regulator or would the speaker in the door panel still cause interference?

Also what kind of seats are in your car and could would you mind posting some more photos of them at the thread I started on upgrading seats? Here is the link: Upgrading Pantera Seats

Thanks for your help.
You do not want speakers in the doors, or foot box panels in a Pantera,unless your ears are in your feet and no one has feet to kick them as the get in or out.

Put the JC Whitney panel up over your head and if need be put a subwoofer in the front trunk.

Mark my words. If you cut up the doors for speakers you will be very sorry. Big Grin

Yes, the windows go all the way down, in fact, they go further down than with the OE window mechanism. There is no interference with the speakers at all. The speakers I'm using are Momo series by Polk Audio. I decided to use them because of the machined aluminum grilles. Someone could kick them pretty hard and it wouldn't do any damage. How do they sound ? It's a Pantera, so who really cares ! I'll post some photos and a description of my seats in the "Upgrading Pantera Seats" thread.
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