How well does a Pantera fit a 6ft driver?

I'm only in the research stage now. My wife insists no more cars until my youngest finishes college in 2020 (fingers crossed). Until then I'm gathering information and learning all that I can.

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I am 6'2". All I can say is that if you have the passion to drive one, you will find a way. Your bigger obstacle may be girth if you are overweight.

For me the larger challenge is finding room for my leg between the steering wheel and the center console. Hard to get my hand on the wheel past my leg when turning right. There are many solutions to this - lower seat pan, extend steering column, move back pedal box. Move your hands on the wheel more often... Headroom has only been an issue with a helmet.
I'm about 6'1" at my present age, some shrinkage has occurred. Smiler Proportionally a little longer in the leg.

I installed longer bolts for the two forward seat mounting bolts, then stacked some washers between the seat rails and the floorboard; this raised the front of the cushion, tilted the seatback backwards. Created headroom and leg room. My legs are bent rather than sticking straight-out. My thighs are supported by the seat cushion now, and my back is supported very well in the reclined position. The distance to the steering wheel is very natural. Thus revised I find the driving position is very comfortable. I can drive in that position for hours and arrive at my destination more relaxed than I do in many sedans. My biggest complaint being I wished the seat back was taller.

This mimics the originally intended driving position (see pic).


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I am about 6' and find my 73 very comfortable, just like George, even for long trips. These later models had dropped floor pans that created more headroom. Mine has late 90s Corvette seats which are high back and fit/look great, like they were stock. With the seat all the way back, I can't reach the pedals. The only thing you might find uncomfortable after a while is the left leg position which has to be pulled back when not using the clutch. I put a small piece on the wheel well to create a ledge to rest my foot on that doesn't interfere with getting to the clutch pedal. You can stretch your left leg straight by putting your foot behind the clutch pedal but I don't recommend it for safety.
Thanks all. I have a friend with a Ferrari 308 that is absurdly small for me. At least the passenger side was.

My '78 911sc has plenty of headroom, but the wheel was always a stretch until I found a steering wheel with an extended hub (3/4") which was a factory option back in the day. It makes driving it a real pleasure now.

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