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@shashi27 posted:

While I have no plan to do this I think in the future it may be the only way to keep these cars on the road. Slowly the noose will be pulled tight in combustion engines.

From what I've seen, these after Market Retro Fit Electric Car "as Cool and Fast as they may be" don't get much Mileage maybe 130 miles? (I'm sure that will change in time? At what Cost?) So much for going on a Cruise though Mountains Or the Fun Rally!

About 12 years ago, it was rumored that Tom Tjaarda would be bringing an electric Pantera to the Concours Italiana in Monterey. He did show-up with the car but admitted he'd put the electric power on the back-burner. People who were there will recall it was orange with metallic silver painted bumpers and, if I recall, all the windshield/window trim was painted metallic silver too. The front bumper was a one-piece integrated bumper/front air dam.

...a 460hp, 32 valve Coyote crate motor costs $9500 and weighs 445 pounds. A remanufactured Tesla 75kw battery costs $13,500, if you can buy it, and weighs 1200 pounds. One is a bolt-in (Ok, lots of special bolts) and makes cool noises and makes the car slip all over the road.  The other is half a model 3.

   ...they'll have to pry my dead, cold fingers from the gearshift

well as CA is always very progressive even there I would guess to throw out all gas engines which do last easily 20 years..panteras 50+ and  Tojota's anyways is a mega political issue. I agree to do serious stuff on emission but the hype on going to zero on gas cars is in my view BS. Put collctors on the roof put a heat pump in the basement or use a fresh water heater on the roof.That will make quite deals. Ok in the US you folks lack decent public transport that is an issue, but  can be addes at least for the last 10 miles to work keeping gas cars out of the city itslef with stop and go.

Well I go push bike app 2000 miles a year and run my vintage 3 cars max 3000 mile a year...WITH ENJOYMENT (most of the time unless something brakes ..ak Chuck!).

In EU the greens are on a hype but let us see how this materializes when real business comes in the way and the dad of "the FFF lady" is out of a job". We protested in the late 70th on student reforms..all good and necessary!

Ok they do "rejuvenation" on beatles with e drive woow..did  not google but 25k€ and up..I still remember my 1962 with 1600 Posche engine with 40er Zentit 90 HP woow..

SO will be a long way for a CONVERSION..


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