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The Engine Compartment Lid Shocks are getting a little weak.

I've looked at other Panteras and noticed the mounting points are different on # 1979

I believe this car had a rear wing at some point that may have required repositioning of the shocks.

Does anyone know where I can get a fresh setEngine Cover Shock Label 1Engine Cover Shock Label 2Engine Cover Shocks


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  • Engine Cover Shocks
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What you have is an aftermarket set-up manufactured and sold by IPSCO.

They can supply you with replacement struts or they might even tell you the OEM application, so you can buy a set on Amazon! 

That being said, I believe the info you need to buy new struts is on the blue label in the pics you posted. 4903 is likely a generic, identifying part number. It will tell you the OEM applications, extended and compressed lengths, etc. The other number (16507) is likely the manufacturer's part number. 

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Decklid Shocks Ope

Geez..I don't think that there is one Original Part left on this Pantera.

To be honest I'm not crazy about the placement of the shocks which hinder leaning into the Engine Bay (After reading the installation manual I believe the installer may have taken some liberties in measurements and placement of the mounting hardware )

However, the deck lid operation is smooth and opens quite wide.

I guess for repairs I will just remove the lid completely.


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  • Decklid Shocks Ope
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As for removing the decklid for service that is not a bad idea. 

To avoid the extreme hassle, and danger of chipping paint, of returning the decklid to its original position, the best method I have found is to carefully drive out the two hinge pins rather than undoing any of the hinge mounting screws. 

If for some reason that cannot be done the second approach would be to drill two or three small 1/16 inch holes through a hinge plate mount and into the underlying sheet metal. Those holes can then serve as accurate relocating guides during reinstallation.



I stand corrected. Larry’s 100% correct. Thrillrider’s struts are not the IPSCO conversion. You think I’d know better since I have the IPSCO kit on my Pantera! It also looks like undoing that mod won’t be a trivial matter. That being said, Thrillrider only needs to take one of his struts to NAPA or Autozone and they’ll have replacements for him. 

David, LOL. 😊

I also have the IPSCO kit installed on 2511 and just like you, my first casual glance at the photos told me it was an IPSCO kit. I only caught my error earlier today. 

seeing the installation was not stock and being aware of only one aftermarket conversion, I immediately assumed it must be the IPSCO kit. 

and yes, I know very well what happens when one makes an assumption  😉 😕😕



I have the IPSCO deck lid shock conversion and I am 100 percent satisfied with it. It has been on my car for over a year without any problem. After my OEM deck lid struts wore out, I went through some many different replacement sets of struts that I lost track. At best they might have worked for a few days and almost never when the temperature was below 60 degrees. I have the deck lid liner kit, but I doubt that all the individual pieces weigh more that a couple of pounds. That IPSCO set up could easily hold up a wing and the two notches in my trunk tub was a small price to pay for having a deck lid that stays open with the use of a prop rod.

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