From what I remember they worked togheter whit the high beam lights .and are connected from the conector from the headlights.

When it's original than you must also have the turnindicator/highbeam /flashlight   switch on the steering column.



On a much later GTS (a '75 imported to USA), the fog lights at both ends had been removed by a PO, but the wiring (mostly) remained. A medium heavy grey wire was used. If it was not a factory installation, it was period.

Though disconnected at the time, I think it used the 'spare' switch in the console, then a short run to a unique molded junction block under the dash with a built in fuse. From there it split to the front and rear.

The extension to the front was laid alongside the regular harness. Buried in road splooge in the passenger wheel well, it was hardly noticeable. Whenever the front lights were removed, the excess wire was taped and left in a coil behind the splash shield in front of the passenger front tire.

To feed the rear fog, a wire from the cabin was 'created' by cutting and splicing the grey wire into one of the two rear marker wires, (the markers were jumped to all run off the other wire). That got power back to the rear harness.

The extension to the rear fog lamp was another grey wire spliced onto the borrowed marker wire in the rear harness, then run alongside the usual taillight / TS / A/C wiring in a black sheath and coiled. The splice was well hidden under the clamped down A/C lines.

At the rear fog location there was a hole in the body for the wire to pass through and a notch cut in the bumper bracket to accept the fog light mount.

Later a rear fog lamp was sourced and installed. The splices in the harness were restored to original configuration, and a separate rear feed wire run from the cabin. It is switched by the 'spare' switch piloting a relay to take the load for when/if the fronts go back in too.


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