Personally I know for a fact every chrome bumper Pantera we've had for sale ends up in  Europe. Germany is our strongest buyer. I have orders for specific cars I can't fill.

Copy: In 2018 alone, about 30,000 classic cars left American ports in shipping containers, with most sailing to Europe, according to Dmitry Shibarshin, marketing director of West Coast Shipping.

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It's a good observation to make, I remember when in the early 80's the opposite was happening.  My father was approached to sell his '72 GTS and 70 Mangusta to ship to the US in 1981 while at the factory for repairs.  Ended up keeping them and selling them in Italy later on.  For quite a while in Italy DT's in general were frowned upon as were the Bizzarrinis and the Iso simply due to the engines and their hybrid nature.  Now the appreciation in Europe in general is far higher than in the US, these cars have been re discovered by the same people that considered them second rate when in production.  The more original down to the Leatherette interiors, the more interest and price these cars generate out there.  

Vey interesting, thanks for sharing.  

Excellent copy. Not that long ago when the Euro was 140 we were selling Panteras like popcorn overseas. We couldn't get them road worthy fast enough. Gosh, if we had a Pantera for 80 grand just for example, they were getting 40% discount, knocking off American.

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