Is there a cheap place to get these pieces of rubber?

Anybody tried using a section of one of these?

This looks too wide, but I have a razor blade.

I'll buy the real thing if it is better, but it seems like an expensive piece of rubber with two holes in it.
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I tried calling and didn't get an answer.

So I sent an email - asking if they keep inventory on hand (or drop ship most thing) and if they have a storefront.

If they have them physically in Atlanta, can take my good hanger off and go over and measure to see if they fit.
Be sure what you get is reinforced as-high-temp-as-possible rubber. I've seen some that looked like they were a simple thick sheet of plain tire rubber- which MELTED, then broke due to the heat in our very short exhausts. I once built an exhaust collector to run outside the garage in winter so I could keep the roll-up door closed for comfort, and the steel Mk1 clamp-on collector attached to the muffler tips MELTED SOLDER on some of the parts. I had to repeat the whole fabrication using braze.

It won't do most of you any good but my exhaust hangers are fabricated from a test slab of rocket-motor case insulation of silicon-reinforced EPDM (ethylene-propylene-diamine) rubber, good for 650 F before it chars; it does not melt.

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