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Hello everybody
This is my first message

I'am Frederic from France
I have buy a Pantera in Indianapolis few months ago and it's now in my garage in france...

I would like to buy a service manual with all the drawings and so on. >>> The de Tomaso Pantera Ford Service Manual (4th item)

I have find somes on Internet but it's either for pre-L or L cars

Mine is a 1971 pantera not pre-L.

So I was wondering if I can buy those books, I know there is not many differences between regular and pre-L...but we never know if some parts had been change, I could be watching something on the book wich is not the same on my car...

So can I buy ? are the differences small enough to use without any problem ?

Thanks for your answers
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Hi Frederic

Where are you located in France?

If I understand you correctly, then what you really need is a pre-L manual.

The Pantera L came along in 1973 or so, and had a number of changes from the earlier models. The Panteras produced before this change (roughly serial number 4200) are often referred to as Pre-L, since they were sold before the L model. Perhaps it would be more proper to call them just DeTomaso Pantera, and the later cars the DeTomaso Pantera L, but people call them pre-L cars to indicate that they were built before the L model was introduced.

The parts book for a pre-L will work for you - unless of course your car is a very early 1971 and has pushbutton doors instead of the more typical pull-latch type of door.

That said, the cars were built in small series a long time ago - there was certain variation as they left the factory and who knows what has been done to the car in the 40 years it has been in circulation so there are no garantees. But it the best we have...
Frederic, I have both the parts (plenty of illustrations there too) and the service manuals if you are interested. please send me an e-mail

ps en francais si tu veut!


PPS: please show us pictures of your car. D
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Thanks for your answers guys.

I didn't know pre-L were normal panteras, I thought it was a first modification before L models, so to me they were 3 kinds.

Pantera pre L
Pantera L

in fact the first two are one....OK my mystake, thank you for lighten me.

I am in the very north of france near belgium, my city is LILLE.

So I'm going to buy this book, I really need it as I'am meeting some little problems (one of them is I think upper engine seals are shots)

I wanted to attach a picture but can't make it under 200ko, you can see pictures following this link :
But I don't like the pictures on QV500, the color is ugly, not in real !!!
I have changed the wheels to Campagnolo.

See you...
Hi again!

I don't suppose you were in Le Mans 2 weeks ago for Le Mans Classic? There were nearly 30 DeTomaso cars in attendance, so it would have been a great way to see the differences between the different models.

Lille is sort of far away.. If you lived in, say, Biarritz I could probably swing by and say "hi" and show you some of the books I have.

When you know what you need, let us know! Good luck!
Welcome Cayman!

Here is how the L thing works! The 1971 cars (excluding the first few that were push-button cars) are just called Pantera. Part way through 1972 production the L Pantera (L for luxury) was introduced, mostly noticeable by the large heavy bumpers and the different single pod dash. The L changes were not all implemented completely starting with a particular serial number so there was a bit a mismatch for a few cars. A pre L is a reference to a 72 car before the L changes and does not relate to 71 cars because there were no L cars in 1971.

The POCA store has 'The Works' available on CD, for $65 which is a complete set of owners manuals, workshop manuals, technical bulletins etc.

What I like is I can print the relevant pages for the job I'm going to do, take them in the garage and get them dirty and not have to worry.

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Thank you for all your answers.

Finallly I bought 2 things :
- The de Tomaso Pantera Ford Service Manual
- And a CD : Pantera 1971-74 Master Chassis & Body Parts Catalog CD.

What need to be done on my car :
- Accelerator cable to be change
- Upper engine gaskets shots, if anyone can tell me a little bit about what parts to buy and how to do it...
- Overheating, but since I have put new coolant liquid I should re-try to check.

I will probably open a new post about that.

More questions in order to answer your question:

1) Accelerator cable - that's easy.
2) Engine gaskets - which ones and why? Your rocker cover gaskets because they leak oil? What's the problem and we can probably help you find the solution.
3) Overheating - does it overheat on the highway, or only in traffic, or both?

If your car overheats on the highway then your problem is more complicated. It could be your radiator isn't working properly. It could be a stuck thermostat. It could be timing.

Many people have a problem in traffic, which means that if sufficient airflow reaches your radiator then you don't have a problem. But when stopped in traffic, the only airflow comes from the fans. This implies that your fans are not up to the task of generating sufficient airflow to keep your radiator (and engine) cool.

2) I can't say wich one, but it's probably because the car didn't move for a long time
I have put pictures of the engine bay on a new post since it's not anymore the appropriate section to discuss of that
Please follow me here :

you will see what I'm talking about

3) it overheat while my tests drive on a long straight pretty close from a highway yes....but I have to restart the car and check that because first I think I was out of liquid coolant and 2nd, the electrical wire for my back fan was unplug !!! (as many wire in the car...)

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