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Hello All - Cleaning out the garage.. found a finned gas door off a 73 that I used to have. Looks to be in really good shape. At the time I went with the Aero style.

Does this have any value $$$.  Is this a hot item?  What is it worth?


For Sale=Maybe

Garage Art=Maybe



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...Sell It!

I use to Machine the Drivers' Side 'Gill', for the 'Aircraft' Fuel Filler-Caps; for a few Customers. Be advised, there are 2-3 Different Designs/Styles, for the 'Slats' of the Gills. The Gills are NOT All the Same! Just Search for One, and You will come up with Photos of Differences.

I had to warn customers, I charged them a Lot, as Insurance...When Clamping the Gill on the Mill Table, Only Tight Enough to keep the Work from Moving; the Alloy Gill should Break...I would be responsible to Find and Purchase a Replacement. And Matching with a Replacement, could prove Very Difficult and Iffy at Best. Look Close at the Part You wish to Match this Cap to, so as to avoid any Disappointment.


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