I am finally getting the bits together enough to join the engine and transaxle, and load it into the back of 8MA600. Now I must choose the flywheel to be forever entombed under the hatches.

I have two flywheels, each balanced to the engine. 1, a 13 pound alumium / steel Centerforce, and 2,  a stock 21 pound Steel. Engine is a 347 with TW heads and Webers. I am thinking that the aluminum flywheel would be fun for about a day. With the Webers, the revving needed, the tall tall tires, and the car will honestly spend a lot of time at "Cars n Coffee" parking lots rather than in the hills of Modena, I think the steel flywheel would really be the best choice. 


I can add pictures, but they look like flywheels. jackshaft 002 [Large)


Thanks for the advice. 


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Correct me if I am wrong but the steel flywheel provides more momentum so revs don't drop so quickly?

Can you tell us more about the engine? When you said 347 I assumed it was based on a pushrod 5.0 from the 1990's. However I see you are still running the jackshaft for the alternator which makes me think it must be based on the old 302. 

Also can you share details of the Webbers?  (Are they truly Webbers or something else?




Ever ride a big motorcycle? That free-revving action is what you get if you take too much weight off the car's rotating assembly. But with an otherwise stock 351-C crank/rods/pistons/harmonic balancer/clutch and an average street driver, you might not even notice the effect.

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