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Mike Drew told me that these are too strong and were intended for a decklid with a wing. I have no idea of their age but they work great and do seem to be too powerful for a regular decklid.

I have replaced them with a set from Larry at Pantera Parts Connection (which work very nicely and look and fit great by the way).

They're yours, just cover shipping.IMG_0632IMG_0631


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Oh Oh - just mounted a set like this without a wing  as my originals kept dropping on my head  -    Lid will not go back on for another week as I am targeting a first start next week.

I will provide my opinion on the relative strength of the struts after that!

Perhaps one new one and one old one .....???

I had those struts before on my non wing car and the decklid flew right open very quickly right after unlatching the hood so I took them off and measured the pressure on my press with a scale as noted below:

1/2 to 1" compressed = 120 lb (this is what it took to make the strut start to compress).  2" to full compression gradually increased from the 120 to 160 near full compression.

If I recall correctly the recommended shock strength was 90 lbs for non wing and 110 lbs for winged cars. the gas expands in summer heat increasing pressure. The best solution IMO is Mark's (IPSCO) relocation kit that relieves the stress off the hinge area of the decklid.

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