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I bought #7248 last year and, after repairing a dozen of shade tree mechanic issues with the engine (wrong carb base flange gasket sucking in exhaust gas, clogged primary inlet fuel filter, 2v instead of 4v header gaskets, totally wrong ignition advance, bad engine wiring harness, two corroded spark plug wires), I am looking for some help with ball joint boots. Both front upper boots are torn and I want to replace them with universal Polyurethane ones as they are much more durable than stock rubber and you don't need retaining split rings.

Does anyone know what the sizes at the largest taper (diameter of the pin where the top of the dust boot will sit) and at the top of the socket (diameter of the base where the bottom of the dust boot will sit on the base) of the Pantera balljoints are?

Thank you in advance!

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Lots of prior discussion on this, the search function is your friend;

Suitable replacements are made by Energy Suspension. They are sturdier to 
the originals and have held up well for years on my car. The part numbers 
for the larger ball joints ( upper rear & upper and lower front) are 
9-13119. I have found that if I trim ~ 1/8" around the base I get a better 
fit. For the smaller tie rod boots, use part #9-13101. The 1/8th" trim 
applies here also.

Original style boots are also available from vendors

Excellent! Thank you very much Jerry! This helps a lot.

According to your measurement it is 18 x 42-43 (subtracting estimated boot thickness).

Joules, I searched the Forum, of course ;-) , and found the information regarding Energy Suspension boots.

Dimensions for #9-13119:


  • Largest Dia. Taper 0.65 in./16.6mm
  • Socket Top Dia. 1 5/8 in./41.3mm

Dimensions for #9-13101 are:


  • Largest Dia. Taper 0.59 in./15mm
  • Socket Top Dia. 1 3/8 in./35mm


As I am located in Germany I wondered if i could source dust boots in Europe. Shipping from the US costs more than often 4 times the product price.


Thank you Joules. This is very kind of you. I appreciate that very much!

I checked again and is selling Energy Suspension boots. They ship  via FedEx for 10 Euros to Germany, which is a fair price.


Thank you Simon, problem is, Pantera ball joints are dimensionally unusually huge (18x42).  and I could not find them here, except for Ferrari 308 boots, which are, well, totally overpriced...

Happy to hear from you if you know a replacement part and where to order in Europe.


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