Porsche, BMW, VW, Jag- all the same fuses in the '60s-80s. As you may know, the problem with Euro style ADB fuses is, the exposed conductive surfaces are aluminum and in moist conditions you get electrolysis with our copper fuse holders. This forms a non-conductive oxide layer. Result is an unblown fuse that doesn't work. Careless cleaning (usually on the road in the dark) tears the soft fuse strips to shreds. And they're seldom found at generic parts stores.

Some use electrically conductive grease on an OEM holder & fuses. Pantera Parts Connection sells converted OEM fuse holders that uses modern horse-shoe shaped ATC fuses that are plated & available everywhere.  Jon Haas of Pantera Electronics sells an elaborate system of relays & fuses that fixes the problem permanently.

Not all the stock type fuses have aluminum fusible parts, most are tinned or bare copper:


These are glass bodied and fit in the stock fuse boxes, but amperage selection is limited:


A pointed pencil eraser does a fine job of cleaning stock fuse box terminals and a little no-oxide will not hurt. I haven't blown a stock fuse or suffered a corrosion related failure in 12 years/25k miles.


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