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Greetings everyone. I'm new to the forum but I think you will all be amazed at this story. Recently my boss and friend of 20 years passed away. He died far too young and will be on my mind and in my heart for ever. OK now for the meat of the story. He was the original owner of a 1973 yellow Pantera, with just over 10,000 miles. The car has been in his garage since new. He drove it for a year and then socked it away. He left it to me in his will !!!!!!!! I AM IN SHOCK !!! I will be taking it to another friend for evaluation ( he owns a speciality car resto. shop). I have all the docs for the car including window sticker , dealer stuff and owners card. I'd love to keep this car and give it the care it deserves but my garage is already full. I've always been a Vette guy, so this is my first venture into an Italian Sports car. I my need some help on this one.

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What do you think ???

I think I know how you can make a quick $5,000. Send me a PM for details. Wink

Seriously, sorry for the loss of your friend. Not the ideal way to join the ranks of Pantera owners. Frowner

As for the car, I take it the car has basically been idle for 34 years!!!???

First, as it is the most expensive part, I am concerned the ZF transaxle may have suffered internal rust in the high east coast humidity, even in a garage. Stored transmissions really need to be rotated every few months to keep the internals oil covered. Only way to inspect is to remove the bottom cover plate, and that can only be done after the trans is removed from the car. If you go this far, then you should safety wire the ring gear bolts, a known weak link.

Next concern is rusted brake lines, both Master cylinders, clutch slave and the four calipers. All that can be flushed, inspected and rebuilt for reasonable cost.

I'd replace all cooling and fuel rubber lines, and the carb may need a rebuild. Engine needs all fluids drained and replaced. I'd pull the plugs and squirt in some Marvel Mystery Oil in each cylinder prior to trying to start the car. It will serve to help loosen and lubricate piston rings. Fuel pump diaphragm may also be found to be bad and leaking, sometimes directly into the oil pan.

The tires are only good for restoration moving - I wouldn't trust them above 40 mph.

Drain gasoline from bottom plug on tank. Plug fitting is known to be very tight and brute strength trying to remove it can rip the threaded boss right off the tank. Penetrating oil, and an impact wrench, set to a LOW torque, will usually gently bump it loose. The tank can only be removed with the engine removed, so hope for a rust-free interior.

Rubber suspension pieces are available at reasonable cost if needed. Get car off ground and check to see that the a-arms are moving freely. Bottom, rear pivot shaft is prone to seizure.

These cars rust from the inside out. There are standard drain hole locations that Ford/De Tomaso did not provide, mainly in rear frame locations. They need to be added. Put car on lift and attack it with an awl and hammer. Better to find rusted metal here rather than while out driving. Pay special attention to the structures supporting the rear suspension.

These cars are well built and easy to work on. Nothing other than total structure rust-out rings the part-it-out bell. Parts are available for most everything. Help from this site, and others, is just a question away. Whatever your problem, we have probably solved it before. Just ask.

Prepare yourself for ownership of the most user-friendly exotic mid-engined car ever put on the planet. There is an active NJ group of owners. I am sure they will be replying here also.


Firstly my condolences on your boss'/friends passing.

As a Pantera owner the best advice I can give you is sell the Vette and keep the Pantera! It looks like your friend was trying to tell you something similar!

There is certainly a market for an original Pantera with such low miles, but sadly it is probably in a private collection or museum where it will remain what it is. Most here have moved away from stock in some shape or form to address the shortcomings of the OEM product.

If you do decide to sell the P car get the word out to some of the higher end auction houses and collector car publications to see what the market will go to for such an example.

Good luck,
I do have a few pics but I have to resize them tomorrow. The car is all original, but I DID FIND A RECEIPT FOR for a set of headers. The body and interior are original and mint. The trunk and engine compartment need attention. It also still sits on the original tires. This car will be awesome for someone who is familiar with them. I'm going to have to give this ALOT of thought.
THANKS mgREENE.....I inspected the car today in more detail. It may have some pitting on the bezel..I think you would be hard press to find a 35 year old car thats perfect. This is a diamond in the ruff and I feel its a keeper. Larry had some good points of advice and I want to thank him.....Having been a car guy for years... this will be fun !!!
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