All V8 Fords from that time looks the same.

The base's needs sometimes work to fitt on the carburetor , and beware if the hight.
Eugenio, as Simon says, almost all factory V-8 Ford air cleaners look identical. Panteras had the removable lid chromed as the main variant, and there were two orientations of the snorkel air intake. Early cars had it pointing towards the left-rear while later ones had it pointing toward the right-front (180 degrees different).

There is a protrusion inside the air cleaner body that orients the assembly off the carb top, but by cutting the little sheet-metal protrusion off the air cleaner body, any air cleaner can point either way. The snorkel indexes to a formed sheet metal 'choke-stove' & flex tube attached to a cylinder head around #8 exhaust (rt. side) or #1 (left side) as needed.
The hole inside the air cleaner that fits on the carb top will be much smaller for 2-bbl carbs. Most 4-bbl carbs and aftermarket throttle-body replacements are semi-standardized at 5-1/4" OD.
Thanks Boss.
What is the correct manifold for my 72 Panty?
D1ZE-9425-BB with the groove embracing the 2 smaller venturi holes or
D3ZE-9425-AA with the groove embracing one big and one small venturi hole? Several on Ebay at the moment.
D1ZE stands for 1971
D3ZE for 1973

Go for a aluminum Boss 35i intake manifold,
D1ZX-9425- CA = whit the EGR modification
D1ZX- 8425-CA = whitout the EGR mod.

all build dates are 1971

Originally posted by Eugenio Innocenti:
Need original Pantera parts. How should the groove be? I`m running a 650 Holley

There are NO Pantera engine parts, only same time Ford parts .
Look on 1971/72 Mustang parts.

Eugenio Innocenti.

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