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As the years go by, for which I am thankful, it does become more difficult wrestling with my 335 x 17“ tires.
I have been considering a purchase of a single GoJack wheel dolly to assist in lifting and positioning tires.
Their original dolly was advertised as limited to 11 inch wide tires. One of their current dollies, number 6313, is advertised as accepting tires up to 13 inches wide. Interestingly, they have yet another that will accommodate tires up to 20 inches wide by locating the rollers above the chassis structure.
I will likely order one of the model 6313 dollies, but I am looking for any interesting feedback from those of you who have prior experience with a GoJack dolly or their numerous imitators.

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Just wondering if you have thought about it....

It looks like you could fab up a “non-jackable” stand with casters and square tube....  you could put some round tube where the tire sits to give you the ability to roll the tire...

Design it so it’s aligned (relatively closely) to your typical jacking height.

Then you only have to drop or lift the tire about 1/2”, and have a way to get the tire off/on and wheel it around the garage...

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