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-good news, I found another car that used the same balance valve used for the rears. Especially good news if you have a Lamborghini Miura that you want to scrap... But also, still available, even new part 003204375 ("compensator"). Available at Euro spares for $1k but also available (for the moment, on Ebay france) for half that.

- Brake Master cylinder appears to be from a Fiat 130...but priced for the Dino (Fiat and Ferrari) 246...actually, not crazy expensive, about $300 from several sources (I ordered from OKP, hope it works).

always wonderful to see that new parts are still available for rare, 45 year old cars...Lee

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How did the M/C swap go?????

IIRC, these are a 20mm (7/8" -ish) seal where later Panteras are a 23mm bore? Might be stamped in the large nut that covers the non-business end of the cylinder!

Our Goose takes a common Fiat rear wheel cylinder seal (3 of them) to refit. They are simple donut seals. It is the larger bore size that is a bugger to find!


Steve, Yes, the Fiat 130/Dino 246 is the right MC for the Goose. Different are the supply inlets, which are 11x1.25mm instead of the 12x1.0mm of the original.
DeTomaso used banjo fittings that were one size bigger than the main body of the bolt, to the fittings on the car used a 14mm hole (and a 1mm shoulder on a 12mm bolt). I cannot see where to find these types of fittings, so will have to order new fittings before I have brakes that work..!
the new one is so shiny Wink

, this one bought from OKP---Lee



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Simon, I had miserable experience on the last rebuilt master (for my Ferrari 400i), lifetime warranty on a famous re-sleever in the eastern US was leaning to a lifetime of back and forth too tight, too loose, and never firm rebuilds...Finally got a new replacement from OKP, same place that I bought this one (for about 260 euros) and had never looked back.
Yes, in addition to the bolt diameter the Dino/Fiat replacement doesn't accept the 'pin' in the banjo bolt (on the supply line for the rears), I'm curious what feature that had on the Bonaldi. Any idea ?

The same MC was used on early Pantera, including the 14mm bore banjo fitting and the pinned bolt...Lee


I know this doesn't help......much....but I had mine relined in brass by a sleever machinist out here, who unfortunately retired a year or so ago! Bummer for us!!!  That allowed me to use the stock Fiat donut seals.    Lee mentioned a well known eastern sleever.....White some kinda animal(?)....but I too have heard of issues with them.....that are not good for project progress...

Larry Stock had some units sleeved by the same guy that I did, but I do not know if he has any left.

Occasionally the stock units show up on eBay as some sort of Maseratti part....but if the Dino one seems to work with only a banjo change....may be money well spent!

I think the bore size was 7/8" or 21mm?   Bigger (2cnd issue) Pantera part was 23mm often stamped on big nut on the end.

I do not recall any sort of pin in any banjo fittings....... but then I have a bad case of CRS also....!!!    May have been done on later cars.....



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