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I currently have one fully restored pair of Altissimo-style GRP4 taillights available for sale and immediate shipping.

I have been restoring this style of taillights for over 15 years and have sold over 100 pairs. They share the same footprint and electrical connector as the stock tail lights. The mounting studs on this style of housing are not long enough to reach into the engine bay, but I include all the necessary hardware for a clean and secure attachment.

The housings are bead blasted and then painted using a Dupli color rattle-can “chrome” paint. All electrical components are disassembled, cleaned and tested for proper function. I supply new gaskets - glued together from a bulk roll - that duplicate the original gasket profile. Lenses are cleaned and fully polished, shining better than when they left the factory. Chrome rings on all the lenses is in excellent condition with only minor blemishes.

The cost is $750 plus shipping at my cost. I will gladly ship internationally, again at my cost.

I can accept payment with a personal check,, Venmo or Zelle.

if you are interested, please contact me with a private message, and please provide a direct email address for our future communications.





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