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Sold to Chuck, um, I mean Rocky.

Bought from Mike Mayberry but decided to go with something that would allow me to run a taller filter. Excellent shape.
Comes with base, low mileage filter element and free surprise gift!
$100 plus shipping.4316C895-590C-4608-AC10-150EFCBB9FDF72359F02-9895-4215-9ADC-24A478E82A5A5F03CB76-BDAC-4515-8168-25AAE1AAC79E


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  • 4316C895-590C-4608-AC10-150EFCBB9FDF
  • 72359F02-9895-4215-9ADC-24A478E82A5A
  • 5F03CB76-BDAC-4515-8168-25AAE1AAC79E
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