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For the fans, my car is running Mirriah motors and fan blade in stock location.  It also has a sucker fan on the back (not sure how much that does, but I believe Hall used to sell their rads with this fan as I’ve seen a few of the same setups)

The car spent most of its life in San Diego area running off just a dash operated switch. Now in Massachusetts, the fans typically operate only at 50% according to the controller leds.

Sean,  where abouts in South Hadley?  I bought my yellow 1974 Pantera brand new from Fore Rivers Motors in Quincy, Mass in March of 1975 (as a leftover?). They had two Panteras at the time.  The other was white.  Still original owner and original paint 30K miles after all these years.  I was living in So. Hadley at the time and lived there from 6th grade until I left for Cincinnati in 1978 and I am a graduate in 1966 of SHHS  and went to Lowell Tech BSME 1970 - left late 70's.  Lived at top of Hillside Ave., corner of Grandview.  My Sister still lives in SH.  Love to talk to you - we both may know some SH people.   Pete  (630) 926-0417.  Live in Chicago now.

Very cool Pete, small world!!  I’m about 2 miles from your old house and I travel for work occasionally out to Addison/Itasca IL.  (Was out there last month)
Back in the early 70s you probably ate breakfast at the Ma & Pa restaurant 😀

I’ll give you a call either tomorrow or Thursday evening.  So if you see a 413 number on your phone it’s me, not someone looking to sign you up for a credit card.


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