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I noticed when I got my car that the drivers side light bucket sticks up about quarter of an inch when the lights are down(off).The lights work well with no other issues.I had a quick look yesterday and it appears both buckets are bolted onto one continuous shaft.I understand that the bucket may be bent or twisted on the shaft but decided before I get stuck in I will ask you guys for any ideas,hints etc.... as I have found PI to be a form of pain relif... ie it saves me from a lot of HEADACHES!!!!!!!!

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both buckets are bolted onto one continuous shaft.

the bucket may be bent or twisted on the shaft

That would be my guess, too.

Turn on your ignition, turn on the lights, turn off the ignition,turn off the lights. Your lights should remain up. Now you can begin.

The bucket is attached to the shaft bracket with four studs, with nuts on the backside. You will need to jack up the car's front, and remove the wheel and front splash shield to access the nuts. Place a jack stand. Wink

Prior to bucket removal, do the following. It will save re-alignment problems - i.e. HEADACHES - later.

Once you have removed the bulb assembly, get a drill with a small bit and drill three holes through the back of the bucket and the shaft bracket. These will serve as alignment holes when you put things back together.

You may be able to use some shim washers to alter the bucket mounting angle to the shaft bracket to get the adjustment you need. Or you may find the bucket is tweaked and just needs some friendly persuasion to get back in line.

One other thing, both buckets do have the proper, and equal thickness, rubber bumpers?

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